May 2018 Update

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May 2018

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At times the garden withers, 
at times spring makes it bloom. 
Remaining joyful with equanimity, 
the saint simply observes. 

–S.N. Goenka

Local Group Sittings in the Southeast

Most of us have the best intentions of maintaining our meditation practice after sitting a Vipassana course.  But often life can get in the way.  In order to support old students, there are many who have chosen to host official group sittings in this tradition.  This greeting serves to remind all of the value of group sittings, current locations in the Southeast, and how to start a group sitting if there’s not one near you.

Local group sittings inspire and support both old and newer students who are growing in Dhamma.  Goenkaji emphasized that daily sittings play an important role in producing the beneficial effects of Dhamma in our day-to-day life.  Local group sittings help provide motivation and support to old students in keeping up with their daily practice.  

When you attend these group sittings, you are meditating with fellow students and gaining strength from each other on a regular basis.  When meditators practice the same technique, it gives tremendous support and encouragement to all the participants.  Although these group sittings are particularly helpful for the old students who find maintaining their daily practice a challenge, they are very helpful for the well established meditators as well.  Dhamma Patapa’s website has complete information about the locations of local group sittings in the Southeast – you will need to log in to access (username: oldstudent password: behappy).

Here’s a snapshot of group sittings in the Southeast (please consult website for current information).

State City
AL Birmingham
FL Ft. Lauderdale
FL Gainesville
FL Gulf Breeze
FL Hollywood
FL Jacksonville
FL Jupiter
FL Merritt Island
FL Orlando
FL Tallahassee
FL West Palm Beach
GA Atlanta
GA Savannah
NC Asheville
NC Cary
NC Charlotte
NC Greensboro
NC Winston-Salem
TN Chattanooga

There are still many cities and towns in the Southeast region without local group sittings.  If you would like to host an official group sitting in your area, download the application and guidelines here.  Once official, the group sitting information will be posted on the website so more students may attend.

If you are not ready to host an official group sitting, but are interested in connecting with other interested old students in your area – please send an email to with your name, town and email address.  We will add you to a confidential database and introduce you via email when new old students enter your region.

May all beings be happy!


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