May 2019 South Florida 1-Day Course for Old Students

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May 2019

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      The wise ones, ever meditative and steadfastly persevering,
     alone experience Nibbana, the incomparable freedom from bondage.

Dhammapada 2.23

South Florida 1-Day Course for Old Students

Sunday, July 14, 2019
Jupiter, Florida
Course being conducted by assistant teachers


Location:  Jupiter Civic Center
Carlin Park  351 Old A1A  
Jupiter, FL 33477

You are warmly invited to a 1-Day Vipassana course in South Florida.

Sunday, July 14, 2019
8:00 – 9:00 AM :  Registration
9:00 – 4:20 PM :  Course
4:20 – 5:00 PM :  Tea
*Please bring your own vegetarian lunch and cushions.

Guidelines for this course are the same as at any meditation center in this tradition. Participants should be old students who have attended at least one 10-day course as taught by S.N. Goenka. We respectfully ask you to only practice Vipassana as taught in this tradition while attending the course. Please dress modestly and observe gender segregation in the meditation area.
There will be snacks, but please bring your own lunch. If you wish to bring a vegetarian dish to share, you are welcome to do so. If you need a chair, please bring your own.
If you are unable to attend for the entire day, we encourage you to come for any part that suits you. If you know of other old students who may be interested in attending, please feel free to forward this message and/or invite them to the course.

In order to strengthen the Vipassana old student community in South Florida, regular quarterly 1-day courses will be held at the Jupiter Civic Center the second Sunday of every quarter. These courses will be conducted by local assistant teacher(s).

The next course is planned for October 13th. Central and South Florida area old students may subscribe to receive a list of future courses and announcements by sending an email to
For more details, please check the non-center courses tab in the Old Student section of the website (username: oldstudent, password: be happy) or email

Old Student contact on July 14 – Fred Barstein (561) 371.4902

Detailed Schedule:

* 8:00 AM Registration 

* 9:00 AM Anapana Instructions

* 9:50 AM Break

* 10:00 AM Group Sitting

* 11:00 AM Break

* 11:10  AM Vipassana Instructions

* 12:00 PM Lunch and Interviews with AT 

* 12:45 PM Group Sitting

* 2:20 PM Break

* 2:30 PM Group Sitting

* 3:30 PM Break

* 3:40 PM Group sitting, Discourse, and Metta

* 4:20 PM Course Ends

* 4:20 – 5:00 PM Tea and Meet with South Florida Vipassana Committee

To register, please send an email to with your name, gender and date of your last course.

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